When SOOS provides fix recommendations for vulnerability issues, with the click of a button you can push the entire content of the recommendation directly to your Azure DevOps Boards to create a Work Item for your team to act on.  There's no need to copy/paste, or open another window to create a ticket.

In this article we will make the required steps to integrate Azure DevOps Boards with SOOS.

Integration Steps

Open the SOOS App, browse to Integrate > External Connections > Azure DevOps and click the button to Authorize SOOS access to Azure DevOps Boards. 

You will be redirected to Azure DevOps to accept the access required to complete the integration and to create Work Items.  

Azure DevOps access permision screen

Once you've accepted the integration, add the organization name from Azure where the Work Items will be created.

You will now need to set Azure DevOps as the desired issue management platform. 

Navigate to Configure in the left navigation menu in the SOOS app.  Locate the Issue Management Configuration and set the Default Action to Azure DevOps, then indicate the name of the project in the Azure organization where the Work Items will be created.

SOOS configure page Issue Management settings

Issue management settings will apply globally to SOOS, but can also be customized at the project level. Read more about how to apply project-level settings.