Your email address is your username and cannot be used more than one time to create a user in SOOS.

When registering a new user account, if you receive an error message that the email is already in use, then a user account has already been created with that address in the SOOS system.

Some things to consider to help you troubleshoot:

  • Did you previously create a SOOS account?
  • Are you attempting to join your team to access your company's SOOS account? 
    • You will need to be invited by an administrator.  Look in your email in-box for an invitation email and follow the instructions provided
      • No invite email? 
        • Check your spam box or speak to your account administrator to request an invitation.
        • If you have previously unsubscribed to all SOOS emails your invite email will be blocked.  Please contact
  • Are you trying to invite a new member to join your company SOOS account? 
    • The user has most likely created an independent account in error, it will need to be deleted.  Please contact 

When in doubt, or if you don't fall into any of these categories, contact and we'll get it figured out!