The Compliance Dashboard leverages the vulnerability compliance configuration to allow you to keep track of the vulnerabilities requiring the most urgent attention and prioritize development efforts needed to fix them.

The Compliance Overview provides a glance at how many vulnerabilities of each severity level fall within set SLA timeframes, and how many are out of compliance due to exceeding the set threshold.  The Needs Attention list displays those vulnerabilities that have been out of compliance for the longest amount of time.  If no compliance issues exist this section will indicate such.

The Vulnerabilities / Out of Compliance list displays each individual vulnerability found in one or more of your projects, including an indicator of how long they have been out of compliance or how long before they will be out of compliance, based on when the vulnerability was first discovered in a given project.  

Search for a CVE of interest to determine if any of your projects are impacted by a specific vulnerability and/or where that vulnerability falls within the SLA compliance window.  Click the link provided to expand to view the list of projects containing that vulnerability, as well as the compliance status for each project.  Click the project link to view the vulnerability in the Issues tab on the project detail page.