The header of the SOOS Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) report includes:

  • The company for whom the SBOM was generated (based on the Company name indicated in the SOOS account).
  • The name of the project (& branch) associated with the list of packages.
  • The date & time of the scan which produced the data contained in the report.
  • The date & time the SBOM report was generated.
  • The Dependency Settings applied to the scan.

Below the header is the Summary, which contains

  • The list of packages and applicable licenses included in the scan.
  • The CVE ID number for any vulnerabilities identified for the listed packages.

Below the list of packages you will find the Details section displaying the following information (when available):  

  1. The Package Manager used
  2. The package name & version
  3. The package source
  4. The package's license
  5. The full text of the license