Follow these instructions to get set up scanning in no time:

  1. Run a quickscan

    • Create your first project by running a quickscan

  2. Get Integrated

    • Use GitHub, CI/CD, Script, and Ticketing integrations to power up SOOS.  We integrate with some of the most popular build systems to make it easy to start scanning your packages

    • And don't forget to get SOOS hooked into your ticketing system so you can quickly and easily move suggested fixes into your standard development workflow

      • JIRA
      • GitHub Issues

  3. Build Policies

    • Create organizational policies around package and license use to ensure unwanted code is not accidentally brought into your projects.  You can configure policies around: 

      • License Name
      • Package Name
      • License Attributes
      • GitHub Attributes
      • Package Installs
      • Release Frequency
      • Dependency Depth

  4. Configure SOOS

    • Configure the SOOS application to handle your packages, dependencies, scans, and actions

    • Settings can be set globally, or at the individual project level

    • Update your settings at any time
  5. Research and Fix your Issues