Security teams can quickly assess the severity and volume of vulnerabilities impacting your projects.

The Vulnerability Exposure metrics provide a grand total of how many vulnerabilities of each severity level exist within each scan type.  Recent Vulnerabilities displays vulnerabilities detected in the most recent scan, ranked by severity, and including compliance threshold notifications.  Clicking an individual vulnerability will navigate to the issue detail on the corresponding project detail page.

The Vulnerabilities list displays each individual vulnerability found in one or more of your projects, including a "first seen" and "last detected" date range so you can make sure to remediate vulnerabilities within a designated SLA window. Click the Vulnerability Exposure boxes to filter by scan type and severity, or use the list filters to isolate the list to only vulnerabilities of specific risk levels.  Using the Vulnerability Exposure boxes will allow filtering by both scan type and risk level.

Search for a CVE or CWE of interest to determine if any of your projects are impacted by a specific vulnerability.  If the CVE or CWE is present, click the link provided to expand to view the list of projects containing that vulnerability. Click the project link to view the Issues tab on the project detail page.