We know that from time to time there may be a bug in our software.  We want to know about these so we can fix them, and you can help by alerting us to the issues when you find them!

For reporting vulnerabilities, please refer to our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy for details and instructions.

How to Contact Us

You can submit your bug reports via email by sending directly to support@soos.io.   

Submitting Bugs

There are a few things you can do that will help us to better respond to your bug reports.  We will need this information in order to fully understand the problem. Sending this detail up front saves us a lot of time when researching your bugs.

1. Tell us it's a bug and include brief description in the subject.

2. Include a detailed description of the bug, along with where it was found on the site and the steps to reproduce it.

3.  Include what your expectation is for the correct behavior.

4. Always send screenshots or a screen recording, preferably with your browser developer console open so we can see the error codes.

Even if you don't' think it requires it please send a screenshot, just in case. If you have the means to take a screen recording of a bug, even better! 

Troubleshooting Browser/Computer Issues

If you're having weird performance issues while using SOOS it may be a problem specific to your computer. 

Troubleshooting Browser Issues
  1. Clear your cache & cookies, restart your browser.
  2. Test SOOS in an incognito (private) window.
  3. Test SOOS in a different browser.
  4. Open your developer console and see if you are getting any errors. 
Troubleshooting Computer Issues
  1. Check your anti-virus software to see if it could be interfering with SOOS.
  2. Check any firewalls you may have.
  3. Check your ISP status for any service related issues.