The Issues tab contains a full list of issues identified for the chosen project.

  • You are able to filter your issues by Open, Pending, Suppressed, or Resolved status.
  • You can also filter by issue types, electing to see only those issues classified as Vulnerabilities, Policy Violations, Dependency Typos, Dependency Substitutions, or Web Vulnerabilities (for DAST enabled accounts only).
    Note: Only one Issue status and one issue type filter can be applied at a time.  Status and type filters can be applied independent of one another or simultaneously.

    SOOS UI options to filter project list by issue type

Above you can see the issues list filtered for open dependency typos.

  • New issues that have been detected for the first time in your project will be identified by a star icon, shown below.
    Scan vulnerability shown with the new issue indicator icon
  • Refer to our Research/Fix Issues article to learn more about how investigate your project's issues and how to initiate fixes for them.
  • At the top right of the page you will find the rescan now option, which lets you instantly refresh the vulnerability data from your most recent scan for your project from within the SOOS UI. 
    • Read about the options for branch scan filter settings in our Configurations article.

      SOOS UI Rescan now function