The Dependencies tab displays high level details about the manifest file(s) detected in the scan, including the Scan Settings applied in the SOOS app Configuration settings.
SOOS UI Dependency tab in Project Detail view

  • Search for specific packages/dependencies using the Search Packages field.
    • Each Manifest containing the package will be highlighted in the dependency list.  Navigate between each instance of the package with the up and down arrows. 
      Search for packages in SOOS dependency tree
    • Expanding each manifest record will display a list of packages contained in the file, including all dependencies found within those packages.
      • Clear the search field to allow access to expand all other manifest records.
  • Selecting an individual package will provide dependency details, such as (but not limited to) when the package was created, when the package was updated, number of downloads, branches and contributors, etc.  
    • Packages marked with an issue icon indicate that an issue has been identified in that package.
    • Click Research to access the Package Details page for additional information about the selected package. 
    • A list of all Referenced Versions indicates all versions of the package included in the project, including a link to where they are found in the dependency tree.
    • In the Introduced By section SOOS provides the introduction pathways of each instance of the package, with links to the dependency tree location of each package in the pathway. 
    • Packages with newer versions available to use display a list of Available Updates, including information needed to make the appropriate changes in your manifest.
      Package detail metadata with research chip highlighted on Dependency tab in SOOS UI

    • At the far bottom of the detail pane find the license information associated with the package.  Click Research to access the License Details page.
      Package License atributes with research chip highlighted on dependency tab in SOOS UI