Under the Projects section of your SOOS dashboard, you will find a list of all your SOOS projects.  

  • The list of projects can be sorted alphabetically or in order of most recent-to-least recently scanned.
    • Use the Search Projects field to locate specific projects. 
  • You can also filter projects to show those with Vulnerabilities, Policy Violations, Dependency Typos, Dependency Substitutions, Web Vulnerabilities (for DAST enabled accounts only), No Issues, or Projects without scans.

For each project listed, the following information will be displayed:

  • Project Name
  • Branch Name 
    • If branch information is not provided SOOS will indicate "No Branch".
  • When the project was last scanned
    • SCA & DAST* scans listed separately
  • Count of each type of issue identified

    *Note: If DAST is not enabled, DAST scans will not be shown in the project information, and the Web Vulnerabilities count will appear with a hash mark to indicate this metric is not applicable.

Projects displaying alert icons will contain additional messaging within the Project Details page.  Refer to our Notifications articles to learn more about the types of messages you may encounter.


By selecting a project from the list you can view the Project Details page, which provides more specific information.   

  • Each Project Detail page contains distinct tabs displaying details related to Issues, Dependencies, Licenses, and History for that project.
    • Refer to our Project Detail Metrics article to learn about the metrics displayed at the top of each Project Detail page.

Familiarize yourself with the form and function of each of the Project Detail page tabs in these articles: