Customers using SOOS Organization Management can link multiple sub-organization accounts and toggle between their respective dashboards, all with a single login!  This way you can keep your individual team projects separate from one another

Configuring Organization Management

  1. Access Organization in the user dropdown in the left nav menu.
  2. Once on the Organization Settings page add each desired sub-organization to the list with a corresponding administrative email.  Note - the email used does not create a user under that sub-organization.
  3. When finished, each sub-organization will be listed in the Organization dropdown in the left nav menu.

Adding Users

  1. All users invited to the main parent organization will have access to each sub-organization using the dropdown.  Parent organization users will maintain the same user role across all linked organizations.
  2. To invite users to specific sub-organizations, select the desired sub-organization from the dropdown and proceed with inviting users as usual.  
    • Users belonging to sub-organizations will not see the dropdown displaying linked organizations when they log in.

This feature is not included in the standard SOOS trial.  Please contact or complete our Talk with an Expert form to meet with SOOS and learn more about our Organization Management licensing options.