When scanning integrated repositories (i.e.: GitHub or CI/CD systems), projects that contain more than 50 total manifests will display the following message on the Project Details page of the SOOS app:  

Maximum manifest limit exceeded warning message

SOOS will also return the following message in the script to integrated CI/CD systems: "Maximum number of manifests exceeded.  Taking first 50 only."

SOOS will scan the first 50 manifests found in each project and provide scan results for any issues found.  Projects larger than 50 manifests will need to be broken down into smaller sized projects in order to scan all included manifests.

One method that we recommend is to create a SOOS job within your build system to iterate through each project (or grouping of manifests) to run an SCA scan on each.  Alternatively you can configure the CI/CD pipeline to run multiple scans with a different portion of your project folders included in each scan.