Renaming Projects

Project names can be easily set and edited when using GitHub or CI/CD integrations.  When using the Manifest Scan analysis, SOOS will determine a project name based on the the name defined in the manifest, or by using the file name (if not named in the manifest syntax). 

In certain circumstances users may wish to rename projects in the SOOS UI once they have been scanned.

  • From the Project Detail page select the Manage tab.
  • Type the desired new project name into the corresponding field.  The entry will change automatically in all places within the UI.  
    • Project names may be changed multiple times if needed.
      SOOS UI Manage page showing editable Project Name field

Badge Management

Learn more about SOOS Badges.

Deleting Branches

SOOS accounts are limited to 50 branches per project.

If you receive the error message "You have reached the maximum number of branches for this project. (50)", you will need to delete any unneeded branches from the respective project in order to scan additional ones.

Note that branch scan filters can be applied on the Configure page to ensure that only necessary branches will be scanned and included in your project view within the SOOS UI.  This feature also allows users to indicate a retention period for scanned branches to automatically purge branches after an indicated period of time.

  • The Manage tab provides availability to bulk select and delete any branches that are no longer needed.

    • Deleting the last remaining branch for a project will not delete the project from the account.SOOS UI Manage page showing branch deletion function


Deleting Projects

  • To delete a selected project, navigate to the bottom of the Manage the "Danger Zone".
  • Select Delete Project and confirm the action in the pop-up message.
    SOOS UI Manage page displaying deletion of projects in the danger zone

Before you delete branches or projects...

Here are some things to consider:

  • Once you delete a branch or project, the scan data is unrecoverable - once it's gone, it's gone! 
  • Please ensure that you do not need access to the scan history before you make the decision to delete! 
  • You may want to export necessary SBOMs or other reports before you perform the deletion.
  • Be smart about permissions granted to the users added to your account.  Any user with the permission to modify projects is also able to delete branch scans.
    • Developer and Administrator users are the only ones with this access. Make sure that only users who can make this judgement call are assigned these permission levels.