When SOOS provides fix recommendations for vulnerability issues, with the click of a button you can push the entire content of the recommendation directly into a new Jira ticket for your team to act on.  There's no need to copy/paste, or open another window to create a ticket.

In this article we will make the required steps to integrate Jira with SOOS.

A special note from the SOOS developers: 

We recommend creating a specific "SOOS" user in your Jira account ahead of performing the integration steps below*. 

Using the information for this "SOOS" user to perform the integration will allow all fix recommendations pushed from the SOOS app to appear with this user as the 'reporter', rather than any individual team member's Jira user. 

This also prevents future issues if an individual Jira user who set up the integration leaves your organization.  

Integration Steps

Open the SOOS App, browse to Integrate > External Connections > Jira

Required Information:

  • Jira Cloud URL:  If you're unsure about your site URL, talk to your Jira administrator. 
  • Jira User: The username or email used to log into Jira.  *(Use the "SOOS" user email if you are following the recommendation from the SOOS dev team above.)
  • API Token: The API Token from Jira. *(Again, use the API token from the "SOOS" user.) You can get more information about Jira API tokens here.

After populating the required information, in the SOOS app, click Save and Test. 

Run it

  1. Once you've set up the integration, navigate to Configure in the left navigation menu in the SOOS app.
  2. Locate the Actionability Settings to set the default action to Jira and assign the project key.


Jira settings will apply globally to SOOS, but can also be customized at the project level under Project Configuration. 

Access Project Configuration by clicking on individual projects on the Dashboard to view the project details, and select Project Configuration in the View Project Actions menu found in the top right corner.  Read more about how to apply project-level settings.

Learn how to push recommended fixes into Jira to enter your development workflow.