Restrictions made by policies are controlled by you, the user.

If SOOS identifies policy violation(s) in your project, there are two courses of action you can take to resolve them:

  1.  If the indicated package has been deemed accurate and necessary, modify the respective policy in such a way that the named package will not violate the policy criteria. SOOS provides you with a Manage Policies button within the violation details for a quick link to the Governance page so you can make any desired modifications.
  2. If the indicated package is indeed in violation of a hard-and-fast policy, you must select a different, more appropriate, package to replace it with.


In either case, once the policy issue has been dealt with, the next SOOS scan will move the policy violation from New Issues to Resolved Issues when it is no longer detected.  If desired, the policy violation can also be suppressed to address in the future.