In this article we will make the necessary modifications to a simple GitLab project to scan a GitHub repository with SOOS.

Integration Steps

Open the SOOS App, browse to Integrate > CI/CD/Repo > CI/CD > GitLab

  • Click the "Download" link and get the latest release of the soos.py and requirements.txt files

  • Create the following directory structure in your root codebase "soos/workspace"

  • Place the soos.py and requirements.txt files under the "soos" directory

Technical details for the script can be found here: https://github.com/soos-io/soos-ci-analysis-python

Note the API Key, Client ID and Script values, you will need these below.

Repo Setup

  1. Create a new folder in your GitHub repository: <repo_root>/soos/workspace/
  2. Place the requirements.txt and soos.py files <repo_root>/soos/ folder that you created in step # 1 above.
  3. Commit these 2 new files and the new folder path to GitHub.

Configure Project

Build Setup

Navigate to your project’s CI/CD Settings and select it:

navigate to cicd settings

Setup Environment Variables

Press the “Expand” button within the “Variables” section:

expand within variables

Create the SOOS_API_KEY and SOOS_CLIENT_ID variables. These will serve as environment variables to be used by the SOOS CLI.

Add the script snippet found in the SOOS App to your .gitlab-ci.yml file

add script snippet









Run It

To run the SOOS CLI against your repository’s code, just execute a build or commit a change. The build will use the environment variables that you created for the API Key and Client ID.