Invalid manifests can be those that did not match configurations defined in your SOOS account, files that do not contain dependencies, or those that were not able to be successfully parsed during the scan.

We offer the following suggestions for self-troubleshooting if you experience this error.

No Valid Manifests error displayed in built system console

  1. Verify that SOOS provides support for the type of manifests being scanned.  See the list here.
  2. Verify that the manifests being scanned are compatible with the lockfile settings found on your Configuration page.  Read more about Using Lockfiles.
  3. If your manifest(s) contain only development dependencies, ensure that the Scan Settings on the Configuration page are set to include dev dependencies.  Read more about Scanning Development Dependencies.
  4. Enabling verbose logging will display the specific status returned for each manifest to help narrow down the cause of the error.

If these troubleshooting steps do not help you resolve the issue on your own, contact and provide us with the verbose logging results, as well as the manifests you are attempting to scan.