To delete projects, in the Project Detail page, select the View Project Actions menu in the top right corner.

Select Delete Project

Before you delete a project....

Sometimes deleting is the right move, here are some things to consider before you enter the danger zone:

What situations would be appropriate to delete a project?

  • Maybe you changed the name of your project and you want to cleanup the list of projects in the SOOS dashboard.
  • Maybe you have an old project for which you no longer need the scan history.
  • Maybe you deleted a project in your CI/CD and you no longer wish to see it in SOOS.

What do I need to consider before deleting a project?

  •   Once you delete a project, it is unrecoverable - once it's gone, it's gone! 
  •  Please ensure that you do not need access to the project scan history before you make the decision to delete! 
  • You may want to export any SBOMs or DAST scan reports before you perform the deletion.

What safeguards exist to prevent an accidental deletion?

  • Selecting Delete Project will provide the following entry form requiring input from the user before the deletion is completed.

  • Be smart about permissions granted to the users added to your account.  Any user with the permission to modify projects is also able to delete them
    • Developer and Administrator users are the only ones with this access. Make sure that only users who can make this judgement call are assigned these permission levels.