SOOS accounts are limited to 50 branches per project.  If you receive the error message "You have reached the maximum number of branches for this project. (50)", you will need to delete any unneeded branches from the respective project in order to scan additional ones.  Note that branch scan filters can be applied on the Configure page to ensure that only necessary branches will be scanned and included in your project view within the SOOS UI.

To delete branches, in the Project Detail page, select the View Project Actions menu in the top right corner.

Select Manage.

The Manage page provides availability to bulk select and delete any branches that are no longer needed.

Before you delete a branch....

Sometimes deleting is the right move, here are some things to consider before you do:

What situations would be appropriate to delete a branch?

  • Maybe you have an old branch for which you no longer need the scan history.
  • Maybe you deleted a branch in your repo and you no longer wish to see it in SOOS.
  • Each project is limited to 50 branches, once you hit the 50 branch max, you will need to delete branches if you wish to add new ones to the project.

What do I need to consider before deleting a project?

  •  Once you delete a branch, the scan data is unrecoverable - once it's gone, it's gone! 
  • Please ensure that you do not need access to the branch scan history before you make the decision to delete! 
  • You may want to export necessary SBOMs before you perform the deletion.

What safeguards exist to prevent an accidental deletion?

  • Selecting Delete Branches on the Manage page will produce the following confirmation window requiring input from the user before the deletion is completed.

  • Be smart about permissions granted to the users added to your account.  Any user with the permission to modify projects is also able to delete branch scans.
    • Developer and Administrator users are the only ones with this access. Make sure that only users who can make this judgement call are assigned these permission levels.