SOOS subscriptions can be paid by credit card or an ACH transaction. Trials will be converted to paid subscriptions when you complete the checkout process.  Invoices for subscriptions that are submitted before the end of the free trial will be charged the day after the free trial period has ended.

When you're ready to subscribe...

First Time Subscriptions

Access the Billing page under the user dropdown in the navigation menu at the left of the screen. 

Notice that you can also see how many days you have left in your trial period at the top of the dropdown window.

Selecting Billing will direct you to the Plan Selection page seen below.

  • SOOS SCA is the base plan offered and is required for all subscriptions. 
  • SOOS DAST will be selected by default but can be removed by selecting the REMOVE SOOS DAST button. 
  • SOOS subscription billing cycles are monthly by default.  You may opt to change to annual billing by selecting the toggle shown above the SCA option; plan amounts will adjust accordingly.
  • All SOOS subscriptions begin with 10 allowed projects. To increase the desired project count, move the slider to the desired amount.  Increments are offered in bundles of 5 projects. The cost of the additional project bundles will be reflected to the left of the slider and will be added to the total amount seen below the plan selections.

Click Checkout after completing your selections to access the payment processing entry form.  Select your desired payment method, enter the required information, and select Start trial to save your entry.  

  • Note: The address shown in the Email field will reflect the address listed in the Administration section of the Organization page; this address will receive all billing notifications.  This includes (but may not be limited to) invoices, billing issues, and cancellation notices.  

Update Billing & View Payment History

Navigate to the Billing selection in the User menu to access the SOOS Plan Selection page.  

  • If no changes to plan selection are required, but you wish to make changes to your saved payment details, select View/Update Billing in the top right corner to navigate to the Billing page to view your payment history and make changes.
  • If you wish to change your plan subscription by adding or removing upgrades and/or switching between monthly and annual billing cycles, you may do that here.  (Your account will be pro-rated appropriately.)
    • Note: If you downgrade your subscription to remove services (e.g.: DAST) you will lose access to all data associated with the service being removed (e.g.: DAST scan history).
    • When you have completed your desired changes, select the Review & Checkout button to proceed. 



On the Billing page you can:
  • View your subscription renewal period
  • View your saved payment method information and change if necessary
  • View the billing contact information and change if necessary
  • View your billing and invoice history
  • Cancel your plan
    • When a SOOS subscription is cancelled, the SOOS account will remain active until the end of the active billing period. All fees are non-refundable.  The scan data for the account will be retained temporarily after a subscription is cancelled.


A note about SOOS payment processing...

The card or bank information on file will be auto-billed for the subscription renewal after each billing cycle has passed and you will enjoy uninterrupted access to SOOS. 

Your billing information will never be saved by SOOS.  All payment information is collected and stored by our PCI-compliant third-party payment processing service.